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The Role “Edge” Can Play in Modernized Cloud Architectures

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Tuesday, February 23rd @ 1 pm ET


As cloud architectures evolve to support complex microservice-based workloads, so must the solutions to address the associated challenges.  During this session, we'll discuss how organizations are going about modernizing their cloud approaches and learn about some of the challenges they face in doing so.  We’ll discuss what role the edge plays in addressing some of those challenges.

  • What challenges are your business facing related to the modernization of your cloud or multi-cloud architecture?
  • What does security look like when using multiple cloud service providers?
  • What does load balancing look like in your multi-app, microservice, multi-cloud architecture?
  • How do you ensure the user experience across your digital properties (sites, apps, and media content) meets customer expectations?
  • What role does the Edge play in the cloud modernization journey?
  • How will Edge Compute (Javascript at the edge) change your cloud architecture? What do you wish was easier? What problem do you want to see solved? Or are you solving for?


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