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It's part of our members' jobs anyway to meet with and source new solution providers. DoGood gives them an  innovative and new way to meet with vendors they are interested in or discover new ones.

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DoGood prides itself on being able to help our members discover, learn about and buy from best-in-class service providers while at the same time helping them make a significant impact for causes and organizations they care about simply by virtue of who they are in their roles. Join more than 3,500 of your peers by becoming a DoGood member today!

Membership is complimentary, however, eligibility is determined by your current role and the organization at which you are employed.

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Our members are bombarded by vendors on a daily basis with emails, phone calls, event invites, and other attempts to try and get their attention. The frequency and method of outreach used by DoGood were designed in part by our early members to create a community where senior leaders can evaluate new vendor opportunities in a more controlled and systematic way.

Every time a DoGood member takes part in a meeting or event hosted by DoGood, they raise money for causes and organizations they care about. Because of the high level of engagement we have with our members, DoGood is on track to have donated over $1.3 Million dollars to charities since our inception just a few years ago. 

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DoGood Members consist of senior leaders from the world's largest organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DoGood Membership?

The DoGood Membership is an exclusive community of Human Resources, IT/Security,  and Marketing professionals, offering a controlled, managed and scalable way to meet and evaluate potential solutions providers. Participants in the DoGood membership nominate charities/causes to receive donations directly from DoGood each time members participate in calls/meetings with DoGood partners.

Who is qualified for the DoGood Membership?

Who are DoGood partners?

How do I maximize my donations?

What are the benefits of membership?

How often will I participate?

Which charities are qualified?

What are the topics of DoGood meetings?

DoGood members are professionals in a wide variety of Human Resources, IT/Security,  and Marketing related roles located in the US/Canada from mid to large cap companies.

Membership aids you in discovering new vendors through curated 1:1 meetings with potential solutions providers. DoGood provides members with access to exclusive events produced by DoGood and/or DoGood partners, virtually and in-person. All members have the opportunity to leverage the DoGood community to expand their network, promote their solutions, career development, etc. DoGood also offers members opportunities to distribute original content throughout the DoGood member community.

Membership is meant to work in congruence with your day to day work and we understand that your time is limited - that is why we allow members to indicate how often they participate. On average, our members participate in 2-4 meetings per year.

DoGood partners represent Human Resources, IT, IT Security, HR and Marketing solutions providers. DoGood's partners list is always growing and changing, but we feature some of our partners on our website. 

The agenda and topic of meetings varies depending on the partner, but most of our partners would like to discuss current issues members have in the space they occupy and gauge how they may be able to help members overcome those obstacles.

DoGood members may nominate any charity/cause as long as it's not a family foundation or political campaign. The nominated charity must be able to receive donations online and/or have a mailing list within the United States or Canada. We just require that the charity has an online donation system allowing donations in US dollars or a mailing address within the United States & Canada. We have highlighted a several of the organizations that members have chosen to support on our website. 

Each time a member participates in a DoGood meeting, a base level donation of $150 will be made to the approved charity.

To raise additional funds for the approved charity, a member may refer colleagues to join the DoGood membership. , DoGood will donate an additional $25 to the approved charity for each qualified referral provided. A member can associate up to 6 qualified referrals (or up to an additional $150 in donations) per meeting opportunity.

For a colleague to qualify as a referral, the individual must have an Human Resources, IT/Security,  or Marketing related position at a mid to large-cap company and be located in the US/Canada.

There are no limits to the number of meetings a member may accept or the amount raised for a particular charity.

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