Last updated July 27, 2020

This Participant Release is provided to MyDoGood LLC and its partners and affiliates (“MDG”).  By participating in a MDG event / activity, I grant MDG permission, free of charge and without limitation, to record, publish, or otherwise copy content from my participation in MDG activities. I further grant MDG a royalty-free and unlimited license to broadcast, display, reproduce, edit, exhibit and distribute my participation and any derivative works created from or with it, over television, cable, the Internet, by creating CDs or DVDs or by any other communication medium. MDG also retains the right, at its sole discretion, to choose whether to archive the footage, and whether to use it for any other purpose. The authorization explicitly includes the use of my name, likeness, voice and/or biographical information for the purpose of publicizing any broadcast, webcast, distribution, publication, or exhibition of the specified program or portions thereof. MDG, by capturing my participation, will become the copyright owner of any recording. I have full authority to grant the rights set forth in this Participant Release. This Participant Release supersedes all prior agreements pertaining to its subject matter and can only be amended by written agreement with MDG.