Expand Your Capacity
to Give Back

DoGood is about unlocking the inherent
potential business leaders possess to help others
by virtue of their roles inside their organizations.

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How It Works

Discover Amaizing People

Search Meeting Opportunities

DoGood’s members have already agreed to consider calls or in person meetings. Gone are the days where you have to waste valuable sales and marketing time chasing buyers or investing marketing dollars in traditional strategies that may have uncertain outcomes.

Book Your Meeting

Select & Request your Meeting

Once your request has been accepted, you’ll be connected directly with the DoGood member to schedule your meeting.

Have Your Meeting

Have your Meeting, Build a Sales Relationship & Help a Cause!

Once you’ve completed your meeting with the DoGood member, we make a payment to the non profit / charity that has been nominated by the DoGood member.

About Us

At DoGood we believe we can help tens of thousands of business leaders to have successful meetings a year while at the same time contributing millions of dollars a year to the world’s leading non profits and charities. To execute on this plan we work very hard to ensure there’s value and purpose created for each stakeholder that participates in our community.

For executives, we provide a seamless and effective way to scale your philanthropic impact while simultaneously advancing your professional learning and solving key business challenges for your organizations.

For our Partners, DoGood enables leading and innovative solution providers to drastically reduce the time and investment involved in securing and strengthening relationship building meetings with clients and prospects. We align our efforts with marketing and sales leaders to exceed client specific KPIs and efficiently integrate into the existing go to market strategies of our clients.

DoGood was started by B2B marketing and sales entrepreneur Jason Redlus, who previously was the founder of Argyle Executive Forum (AEF), one of the nation’s leading and fastest growing B2B marketing services companies. After AEF was acquired by a private equity fund, Mr. Redlus wanted to start another business where the world’s great causes would be a key stakeholder and beneficiary. He created DoGood to achieve this goal. DoGood is funded by ArgyleRoad Holdings.